I’m sure you’ve met many people in your life who are doing something which they have not chosen as their career path. Since the early days of our education, we are not made aware of the vast and varied career choices other available to us, other than becoming the proverbial doctor or engineer.

No one talks about the careers that grab our interest; and to pursue them as a hobby, not as a serious career option. I ask why can’t our hobbies become our career option?

Some people are tattoo artists, singers, event managers, chefs or dancers. …

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Best School Staff Management System

Managing staff records in a school is as important as managing student records. With hundreds of records containing every staff member’s data, it is difficult for a school to manage them. It’s a tedious job to find a record of any one employee form a sheaf of papers.

This is where a School Management Software (SMS) comes into the picture. With SMS staff records as well employee data is just a click away. Through School ERP you can create a profile of every employee containing all their details, reducing the burden of administration.

Here are benefits of School ERP in staff management.

The school bus is considered to be the safest mode of transport for students. Gone are the days now when parents chose school according to the proximity of the school. Parents now don’t mind sending kids far from home. The chances of mishappenings are always there, and newspapers are always full of horrifying incidents.

The very first thing parents need to be assured of is child security. …



VidyaWell software is for schools and colleges.

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