Have You Tried SMS For Efficient Staff Management?

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Best School Staff Management System

Managing staff records in a school is as important as managing student records. With hundreds of records containing every staff member’s data, it is difficult for a school to manage them. It’s a tedious job to find a record of any one employee form a sheaf of papers.

This is where a School Management Software (SMS) comes into the picture. With SMS staff records as well employee data is just a click away. Through School ERP you can create a profile of every employee containing all their details, reducing the burden of administration.

Here are benefits of School ERP in staff management.

Staff Leave and Attendance Management:

Managing attendance and leaves regularly in a proper manner is one the most important and basic tasks of school management. Through SMS it becomes easy for schools to keep track of attendance and leaves of the employees.

Staff attendance is taken through a bio-metric attendance system keeping all records in order and they are also centralized. It also ensures a foolproof attendance system since nobody can tamper with it.

Payroll Management:

Calculating salary and preparing payslips manually is a tiring and mistake-prone task for the administrator because human hands are always prone to make mistakes and calculating it is a tough task.

School ERP enables the administration to calculate salaries on time. Also, the administration can calculate other finances like academic fee, transport fee, hostel fee, etc. through the School ERP.

Teacher work Management:

In a school, even the teacher needs to do a lot of record maintenance like syllabus, student attendance, tests, results, etc. therefore they can manage all data effectively through School Management Software.

Feedback Module:

Feedback module gives the administration a platform to give feedback to get a clear picture in the organization and leads to more transparency between staff members and administration. This gives employees an insight into the areas they need to work upon. This feature also gives the highlight of hard-working employees who can be appreciation or rewarded.

Effective Communication:

It is difficult for school staff members to keep in touch with each other because everyone is pre-occupied. School ERP gives a common platform to every member of the school to communicate and discuss. They can inform as well as communicate with them at any time which creates a healthy atmosphere within staff members. In the same way, the staff members can question and clear their doubts about new announcements or a new decision.

BSN Infotech has designed a technology-Integrated Smart School Management Software and Mobile App “Vidyawell” which is an all-in-one solution for all school-related management. It is a four-way communication tool connecting school, parent, teacher, and student.

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VidyaWell software is for schools and colleges.

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