Is your Child’s School Bus Safe Enough?

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The school bus is considered to be the safest mode of transport for students. Gone are the days now when parents chose school according to the proximity of the school. Parents now don’t mind sending kids far from home. The chances of mishappenings are always there, and newspapers are always full of horrifying incidents.

The very first thing parents need to be assured of is child security. Therefore, schools and parents both should keep an eye on bus safety. With the help of School Management Software, both schools and parents can assure child safety and security through GPS Tracking and Geofencing modules!

Vidyawell’s transport manager is a multi-functionality module which has several useful features incorporated in it which is beneficial for both schools and parents.

1. Regular Alerts:

Regular alerts are sent to parents and teachers about the arrival and departure of the bus. As the transport manager keeps track of every movement of the bus, so, parents get timely alerts about the position of the bus.

2. Transport Fee Collection:

The School ERP also facilitates school management to collect every student’s transport fee separately using School Management app or software. This way parents can pay their child’s fee online and the school Can have record of payments made against the students.

3. Bus Time Change Notification:

There is a probability of sudden change in timings of the bus may be due to weather or government orders. In this situation, parents get notification about the change in schedule and the changed timing. This service makes them worry less and saves them from useless tension.

4. Bus/Driver Report:

For security, to keep details of the bus owner, driver, and details of bus documents like insurance papers, Registration Certificate, is very important. Through School ERP, the school can update these details on the app or software and even parents can have access to the document to maintain transparency.

5. Maintenance Records:

To keep finances monitored, the school administration needs to keep a record of every expense and investment going on. School transport also contributes to the school finances, therefore, through School ERP, the administration can manage and keep a record of every expense of the buses going in fuel, servicing and other maintenance.

How is Vidyawell adding extra to your transport manager?

• Schools can Geofence their vehicles by pre-defining routes and restricting them to follow allowed routes. Also, when vehicles will follow other than defined routes both parents and school will be notified.

• Parents and school can track the real-time location of the bus.

• Notification when the bus leaves and enters school premises.

• Keep record of paid and pending school vehicle installments.

• Keep a log of all fuel refilling done on the school vehicles.

• Keeps daily record of bus drivers about their attendance, leaves and extra duty hours.

Why Vidyawell?

BSN Infotech has designed a technology-integrated Smart School Management Software and Mobile App “Vidyawell” which is an all-in-one solution for all school-related management. It is a four-way communication tool connecting school, parent, teacher, and student

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VidyaWell software is for schools and colleges.

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