On theories of Everything

Jan 7, 2015 · 3 min read

I am planning on writing a new book. This is an excerpt on first chapter. Let me know what you think.

Introduction — the outset

We must start in the middle and this is a problem, for we are not sub-atomic particles nor are we gods. A human being is a creature of relatively average size, intelligence and life span. We have to start in the middle and we have to start with what we are given.

It is true that we were not here at the time of cosmic creation and we will not be here when it all ends trillions of years from now. Our senses, even with current technology is limited. Our intellectual capacities are limited. Even the smartest amongst us, the Einsteins, Copernicus’s, the Emmy Noether’s, the Buddha’s, the Prophets had only the materials available to them in their time. They did what they could, the progress they made as great as it was… was infinitesimal.

Take the holy books that people worship and all is apparent. Even if we grant them divine inspiration, we must realise that they are wholly incomplete. When god said ‘Let there be light!’, we are not told what light is, how he created it or how fast it goes! When he talked about his kingdom we are not told where it is or what it is made of. When we are told that the end of suffering can be achieved by non-attachment we are not told why there is desire in the first place.

When science talks about anything, it is plainly apparent that it too is woefully incomplete. Science today is a rather large jumbled ball of theory, methodology and information. Somewhat resembling a large balls of rubber bands intertwined in a molasse of glue. And this is the best we have at the moment. Just think how many years of training the average scientist/theorist takes to get good at his/her job (in such narrow fields) and one can understand the depth and complexity of the whole enterprise.

Look at philosophy and the giant mess that it is in. There are more theories than one can investigate in a life time. The nuance in philosophy is astounding, entire university departments and holy orders are devoted to it. The answers it gives at best reassure us, the actual knowledge they give us is questionable. To loose sight of this is to loose sight of the entire picture.

These (below) are the questions that I wish to answer in this book. I think that real plausible solutions to these questions would leave most of us very satisfied indeed. Its going to be a long journey mostly guided by science and theory but sometimes by intuition, there will be venture and speculation. This is a book of adventure and invites the intrepid. We will not shy from mathematics when it is need nor from any other mental or physical activity if it can get us a step closer to our destination.

So with one step forward, let us begin…

1. What is the nature of reality?

2. Why is there something rather than nothing? Why is there any stuff of reality? Why not no stuff? i.e. Nothing?

3. What is the nature of experience. Can it be described?

4. What is the nature of Intelligence? Can it be described?

5. Can we buid general intelligence?

7. What is the nature of time and space?

8. What is the nature of knowledge?

9. What are laws of nature? Why does nature seem to obey laws?

10. What is God? Is there a God, or Gods?

11. What is a soul? Are there souls?

12. What is the nature of infinity? Are there actual infinities?

13. Why is nature so complex? What is the origin of complexity?

14. In turn why does time have an arrow? What has time to do with the growth of complexity?

15. What is the nature of force? What exactly are forces. Why has nature seemed to split into 4 forces?

16. Is there are purpose to our universe? What is the purpose?

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