It is a Advanced information gathering & OSINT tool for phone numbers.

PhoneInfoga is one of the most advanced tools to scan phone numbers using only free resources. The goal is to first gather standard information such as country, area, carrier, and line type on any international phone numbers with very good accuracy.

I’m going to take help of an example or a scenario to explain what is cryptography?

Let’s say there’s a person named Andy. Now suppose Andy sends a message to his friend Sam who is on the other side of the world. Now obviously he wants this message to be private and nobody else should have access to the message. He uses a public forum, for example, WhatsApp for sending this message. The main goal is to secure this communication.

Let’s say there is a smart guy called Eaves who secretly got access to your communication channel. Since this guy…

Here comes the future of the Internet but why it is unhackable? This is because the new internet is Quantum Internet.

What is the quantum internet?

Before knowing it we need to understand how simple internet works

In simple internet, data is exchanged in the form of bits these bits can be 0 and 1 this form is also called the digital form

But the quantum processor uses qubits which can be 0 and 1 at the same time. Yes you heard right

Due to this functionality of qubits, it is impossible for a hacker to hack them

The transmission…

I Bet you all have watched science fiction movies in which the humans control large robots and machines with their brain. For example some of you have watched pacafic rim movie in which a gigantic robot is controlled by two human minds.

These things can be done by using Brain Interface Technology. A brain computer interface is a technology in which allow a human to control a external hardware device with thought.

If you are reading this article means you are a fan of science and technology and if you are a fan of science and technology you are also a fan of Iron man you all have dream that you should have that iron man suit.

Well, engineers are working on this kind of technology, and we are on the road to making that iron man armor but the destination is very far ahead.

An exoskeleton is a wearable machine that is powered by the motors or a combination of technologies that will make the limb movement of the exoskeleton with…

You all have seen Ben-10 in your childhood there was an alien named ‘upgrade’ this alien can change its shape according to the requirement.

Well scientists are working on a similar type of technology named programmable matter

Programmable matter is a special type of matter which has the ability to change its physical properties according to the requirement. It can take any programmed form.

So let’s discuss how this is possible this technology is divided into many subdomains let’s discuss all one by one

  • Claytronics: This concept combines nanotechnology and computer science to create nanometer-scale materials called claytronics atoms or…

You all have seen a photo of an IBM 5MB Hard drive which was as big as a washing machine but now a lot has changed we have 1TB of storage device as small as our nail size.

Today we have hard drives that store our data. Big tech companies like Google, Facebook has its own data centers where they store our data these data centers have hundreds of thousands of hard drives

And operating and maintaining those centers is very costly and they consume very high energy and these Centers need to be cooled 24/7.

The population of the…

As many of you might utilizing some of the premium or advanced antiviruses but you didn’t want to waste your money on them? So let’s check it with the best trick for How To Check whether Your Antivirus Working Perfectly Or Not. This is a very manageable method that will check the methodical working of your antivirus. Just read the below method to proceed.

So let’s test your antivirus that is it is competent to scan some of the harmful viruses that can damages your computer a lot. The method is very simple and based on a simple notepad trick…

Hello, everyone, you all have seen bees around you in your daily life but if we observe them very carefully they work in a swarm or we can say that in a group this is because the brain size of the bee is so small similar to the size of grain so bees work collectively which in result gives them a very high thinking capacity towards a particular decision.

So now the question arises what is swarm intelligence?

Swarm Intelligence is the study of self-organized systems that can work in a coordinated manner. …

Personal computer hacks have been started since tje first ever commercial computer was sold. At those time, Computer Hacks were for fun and mischievous behavior. As the time changes, hacking changed. Currently Hacking is done with a lot more advanced tools, which could potentially cause severe damage. Fast-forward to today, there are sophisticatedly orchestrated attacks on major organizations to steal sensitive user data that can be exploited in bulk.

Although the rise of large-scale attacks covered by media is centered on government institutions and enterprises, everyday internet users are also faced with more severe threats today than they were in…

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