Why I’m derailing from UX and headed towards software.

I’m excited to be starting a new position as a Software Engineer for an agency in February. My original goal of advancing into UX Design took a very sudden and unseen shift, I’m very excited to see what happens and I’m not at all concerned. Here’s why:

A recent reduction in work force had me looking for other opportunities. And a referral had me interview with some software guys at this agency. We all realized i was more of a designer looking for a UX or similar position but we ended up talking about this software position and how I would actually be a good fit for it. They were also willing to teach and help me grow into the engineer they need. They knew I had what it takes and could offer my skills. I’m so excited that this opportunity came up. I feel that I have a good chance to try something new and see where I end up.

At the time of my lay off I realized I was at s point in my career where I needed to make that next step and really decide what to focus on. I felt like I was at a point where I was split between software developing or software design. I was doing similar things of both as a UX UI Designer for my most recent employer, where I was using UX techniques to identify problems solve for them and implementing those changes myself. Then using analytics to validate. At the same time I was also building templates with modules that our marketers could use to build out webpages and customize without me, and that’s where I fit into this new position. I’ll be working on the software the client uses to help them create their own webpages.

I was just at that point where I was going to focus on UX / product and really focus on what it took to be the best I could be at it and try and find a sole UX type role. Betting laid off opened the door for that software opportunity and I just had to take it.

Whether I keep going down this path or I reroute back to UX. I really know that I can learn some useful stuff whether I end up designing products or building them as an engineer. I’m ready and so excited for the opportunity and can’t wait to expand my knowledge and keep growing my career!