The new male French president who’s 39, has his 64 year old wife.
Ladies Listen Up: Your New Dating Manifesto — 12 Principles To Actually Make a Man Want to Marry…
Aram Rasa Taghavi

Huh? Say what? Why WHY WHY does one partner in a startup or a marriage necessarily have to be “significantly older”? Okay, wisdom born of experience is useful in an entrepreneurial context, as is cross functionality. Then suddenly it skewed to the age thing in marriage.

Though we women in midlife might be cheering for Madame Macron, we are still faced with the fact that most Silver Foxes are jauntily dallying with/marrying vulnerable Much Younger Women, while peering over their reading glasses — and our heads — when we attempt to flag them down. These guys fear being labeled a Cougar’s toy, something one SF who’s hitched to a woman almost 30 (thirty) years younger explained to me recently. As that pesky old double standard has it, we’re branded as Cougars while you know what Mr SF is called?

He’s called lucky.

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