I would like to see a daily limit on claps or something.
I just want clapping to have more value.
Jared Johnson

Like 10. Sure we writers all live for acceptance and recognition of our creative output but “inflation validation” don’t cut it.

Stories that are read are not meant to be clapped. Hugged maybe. Not clapped. It’s too intimate an engagement between writer and reader. Performances are meant to be clapped, as we clap madly at the end of a great film, play, recital or symphony. A story does not equal a performance, except deep inside our heads and hearts. If I want to broaden its reach I’ll write a response or highlight or share it to FB or Twitter.

And when you get down to it, in any election each voter still has only one vote.

To me, extra claps, though generous when five or above per clapper, simply feel forced to me.

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