And, though logically I know because I’m strongly attracted to women, other women must also be strongly attracted to women, I often just end up feeling like an outlier. I feel like I’m some weirdo, as if there’s something wrong with me.
What I Hate About Dating Women vs What I Hate About Dating Men
Emma Lindsay

Not really trying to play analyst here, Emma Lindsay, but this kinda contradicts your prior comment about having sufficient self-love to attract a potential partner. I tend to feel much the same in that I do love myself and consider myself as inherently lovable.

Self-love is a spiritual thing, an inside out relationship with the rest of humanity that comes from deeper knowledge of the Greater Self within one’s conscious. It’s beyond the ego — or better said, engages an aspect of the ego that is not dependent upon how others relate to us to feel wholeness and happiness.

So if a particular group has you feeling like an outlier, taking a deeper look at the Self-love quotient may be in order. That group just may not be ready for what you have to offer or is somehow at odds with it.

Overall a great article, with much to chew on.

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