“Because I love fish,” the young man answers.
Most of what we think of as “love” is bullshit
Kris Gage

This fishy exchange turned up in my Facebook feed awhile back. It’s from a talk on YouTube by Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski, “True Love Explained.” What, I wonder, would the exchange have been like had the young man, when asked why he was eating the fish, had more accurately and honestly answered, “Because I love the taste of fish.” Except most of us don’t think or talk like that.

For one thing, he would have admitted at the get-go that it was all about him and not the fish.

For another, English doesn’t separate one type of love from another. I love fish can be about loving the species and doing everything I can to prevent that fish from becoming endangered/extinct. Or it can be about I love chowing down on clam chowder.

Love may be what really runs our universe. But it’s up to us to figure out how we really run love.

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