However, by linking food to sexuality, it becomes dangerous, sinful, often poisonous: the movie La Grande Bouffe directed by Marco Ferreri features an orgy scene where the protagonists are eating and having sex to death in a frenetic alimentary and sexual bulimia leading to collective suicide.
Biting the forbidden fruit — The entanglement of pleasure and sexuality in our food systems
fire walk with me

This is not a recent film btw. It was made in 1973. The strange thing about La Grande Bouffe is that this group of gourmands (translation: gentlemen who love pigging out, often on gourmet food) is that the film never adequately explains what has led them to the snuffout point. Being pretty young when I saw it the motive probably flew over my head. Now that you’ve brought it back front and center, fire walk, it’s likely that they all had become totally jaded. Numbed out by excess. The exquisite petit mort of orgasm — be it from sex or that last monster belch — now distorted into the full blown desire to be eradicated eternally by what once gave pleasure.

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