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Make your sex life more intimate and romantic now

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| 5 Tips on how to Spice up Your Sex Life

ntimacy. Romance. Sex. For many people, those words are enough to bring anxiety and discomfort. Society has groomed us all to believe that we aren’t allowed to speak about our sexual feelings. Yet we all have experienced some sort of sexual rejection in our lives, and we all have something about our bodies that brings up embarrassment. If we don’t talk about the wrong things in our sexual relationships, how will we ever know what makes someone’s sex life great!

| Couples who have a great sex life have some similarities.

  • They have chosen to give sex priority in their lives. …

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Ten rules you need to follow before dating a single mom!

If it’s ‘perfect love’ without challenges or obstacles to overcome, then dating a single mom is not for you.

Date a single mom and you’ll find yourself stood up for playdates, not getting invited back to her place after an awesome evening out and sitting by the phone, waiting for it to ring. If it’s a woman at your beck and calls you’re after, then move on because dating a single mom might not be for you.

Dating such a woman is something that requires true grit because you’re not just dating one person but a family. And despite the difficulties, there are also many perks to embracing not just the woman but the family. If it works out, you’ll be making a difference in the world bearing in mind how single-parent households make up 25 percent of the family households, according to a study by the Pew Research Center. …

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