Retail: how Adidas’s online store is a prime example of how we are changing the way we shop (for shoes) PT.1

Conventional retail
Normally, when one enters a sports store, one is lost with an infinite number of models choices. You will be greeted by a busy sales associate who will fetch the size you request. As a consumer, the rushed atmosphere pushes you to make a quick decision. Sure they have a flexible return policy (for unused items), but how many people actually do it?

Source: Stalov Shoes

My first online experience with Adidas :

Last year, having recently joined an indoor (turf) soccer league, I realized that my traditional grass cleats were causing me knee pain after games. I started to look at turf specific models. I visited a few specialized stores and couldn’t find a fit and look i wanted. Having previously enjoyed Adidas shoes, I went on their online store. As most millennials driven by price, I found a pair that had great reviews (although the colors were a bit flashy, the but 60% off seemed to make it worth it). I was confronted with a size dilemma.


I called and was immediately assisted and assured; “order 2 sizes, we’ll ship them to you and UPS will pick up the pair that isn’t right, free of charge within 30 days”. Why not!

I got both of my pairs within days. I installed a fluffy carpet with a bean bag in my office weeks prior. For the next few days, i tried on both pairs after-hours on the carpet (so they wouldn’t get dirty) , made my choice and called UPS. I wasn’t even at the office for the pick up. I printed the pre-paid label they emailed me and i left the box at the reception. I received a full refund after 2–3 business days.

Result: i loved my purchase and more importantly my experience suffering no buyers remorse!

Pt. 2 coming shortly :)

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