Feminists vs Feminazis

A lot of feminist quotes have been looked at in a wrong way and thought to be hypocritical and erroneous. This is one of the main reasons that feminists got the notorious name “feminazi” (because wanting gender equality is equivalent to genocide). Many people nowadays have completely detached feminism from gender equality due to this reason. So here I have listed some “feminazi” quotes and their actual, feminist meanings.

  1. Feminazi :“Men are trash”.

Feminist: Yes, they are. And yes, all of them. To understand this statement it is very important to understand the difference between sex and gender. The “men” in this phrase aren’t male humans. Ever heard the statements “Man up!”, “Be a man”, “Men don’t cry” etc.? The “men” in these statements, which every guy is supposed to look up to, is trash. He is aggressive and hostile, and often racist and sexist. This man is trash. But of course, I see how this statement could be misunderstood considering the fact that we can’t address people as “male humans” or “female humans”. In that context, there are always exceptions.

2. Feminazi: “We shouldn’t get married or have children so we can focus on our careers!”

Feminists: Feminism PROMOTES choice. Everyone should be free to choose what they want despite their genders. This statement is probably said by a feminist, but that doesn’t mean that her belief is too make every woman focus only on her career and not want a family. Feminism supports women who choose to stay at home, supports women who choose to work instead, and supports women choose both!

3.Feminazi:“Teach men not to rape!”

Feminist: I have found many anti feminists take this statement in its literal sense, i.e, think that feminists actually blame each and every man of being a rapist and hence believe all men should get classes on how to not rape. What they don’t understand is that this statement is like a mere reply to the concept of teaching women how to not provoke rape. Almost all women are taught to dress in a particular way and also given a curfew. This phrase only emphasizes that instead of telling women to wear curtains, not go out after sunset etc, teach boys and men that this is wrong, because that it the only long-term solution for this problem. Rape or any form of sexual harassment or assault is the fault of the perpetrator and the perpetrator only. .

4. Feminazi:“FEMininsm is for women and WOMEN ONLY!”

Feminist: Let me start by saying that I, as a feminist, believe anyone and everyone can be feminists, regardless of their age, sex etc. Feminism battles against patriarchy, so yes, feminism mainly focuses on women as men are already privileged in the patriarchal setup, but one must not forget that patriarchy assigns each gender a role. A woman’s role in such a society would be to do household chores, take care of her children etc., which are all in a way or another, oppressive, as they are forced upon each woman. But men, too, get certain roles. Men who believe that not every man should pull out his tear ducts, be a womanizer, never look colourful or dressy etc., along with equality of genders, are feminists. The trans community too faces oppression, and are even deprived of acknowledgement, hence they too can join hands with feminism. The stream of feminism I follow has always had close ties with the LGBTQ+ community. But we cannot forget that there is a type of feminism which believe feminism is reserved only for women and trans people are just men/women gone crazy. They are called TERFs, or Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists. Personally, I don’t attach myself with them, but it may suit some others.

5. Feminazi: “Women should avoid waxing, make up etc because those are taking measures to encourage patriarchy.”

Feminist: A lot of people think that feminism forces women to look “ugly”, but that’s incorrect. I repeat, feminism PROMOTES choice. So if someone wants to get rid of every hair on his/her body, go ahead! But if someone doesn’t, they should not be forced into doing it just so that they can be conventionally attractive. Feminism only challenges these stereotypes of conventional attractiveness, like the ones which make women wax every hair of their body etc. If you could, for a moment, reflect and ask yourself, what exactly is so wrong with a woman’s body hair? Men have it, why not women? These aren’t the only beauty stereotypes, of course. Feminism only says one shouldn’t be forced into doing it, but do it only by one’s own will.

6.Feminazi: *burns bras*

Feminist: Bra burning is thought to be a rally in which feminists fought against bras, but that’s not even close to reality. The event is now officially called the “Miss America Protest”, because a lot of American female models were forced into adhering to the worst of stereotypes, like the thinnest of waist etc. Fed up of these illogical requirements, these models marched and burned any feminine products, which includes false eyelashes and mops, just to show resentment for the feminine stereotypes. Very few of these products were actually burned, it was more of just a march than anything else. A reporter connected this event to the protesters of Vietnam War who burnt draft cards, and hence called it “Bra Burning”. Historians have proven that this reporter was highly erroneous.

7. Feminazi: “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.”

Feminist: This quotes by Irina Dunn faced a lot of backlash, yet it remains popular among feminists. It doesn’t convey that men are redundant lowlifes. It only challenges the notion that it is extremely crucial for a woman to get married because that is the only way she can support herself. The quote only means to say that women can make their own living and lead their own lives with or without getting married.

Hi everybody! Thanks for reading! If you have any more quotes/beliefs of feminism which makes you hate the movement, do comment below!

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