That Feminist Dude

‘I’m Suspicious of Male “Feminists”-And You Should Be Too’. When you read this title, what comes to your mind? I felt like this is definitely going to be very inspirational for me if I was a man. And that is a pathetic thought. Pathetic. That is the one word I can use to describe this article written by “award-winning” writer Alicen Grey, based in NYC (so like firstly, you’re just going to state first world problems and secondly, you’re showing off that awards are given to this? Seriously?).

So if you are a male inspired by that article, you have to read this to undo the damage.

The article starts with the misunderstanding that feminism is for women, and men have no place in it. She also put the first three letters of feminism in bold font to stress that point. What about the first three letters of “mankind”? Men are a species? Then she brags on and on about how patriarchy and “male supremacy” is beneficial for men, because “white supremacy is a benefit to whites” and “class warfare is a benefit to the rich”. Also, all these things are pretty much the same, apparently. Apparently.

“So why — dear gods, why? — do I keep hearing from male feminists, “I care about this issue because men get hurt by Male Supremacy too!”” This sentence also shows that she simply cannot realize how lucky she is. BE HAPPY YOU HAVE MALES SAYING THAT! Its very easy to throw around how patriarchy makes men gods, but she has no idea about the expectations of patriarchy from those very men. Zero idea. According to me, patriarchy sets very narrow stereotypes for men too.Though that is not all, some or the other type of stereotypical mannerism is expected from each one of us due to our gender and that doesn’t exclude men.

Because when we say “patriarchy hurts men”, we mean that the privilege of being male hurts men. Masculinity hurts men. Being strong, bold, loud, rich, insensitive and a womanizer hurts men, because not all of them are this way. You wanna argue with that? Because sometimes we all experience weakness, failure, silence and passionate love,whether the society expects that from us or not.

One of the worst experiences in the world is when you have to hold yourself back. Hold yourself back because otherwise you are a woman, a “nine-year-old girl”, a homo, a sissy, a pussy. And these labels are frowned upon, which is where the problem starts. Not only do men get a benchmark they have to reach, but they also get a certain idea of females and homosexuals. And that is where patriarchy begins.

Alicen Grey says that one of the main reasons a man would be a feminist is because of empathy, and I don’t agree whether that is perfectly candid. By giving us gender roles, patriarchy has divided us. So instead of asking men whether they feel sad for “women” like they are a different entity altogether, we should ask if they feel sad for us humans, and what we have done to ourselves.

Hence, to answer her question “When I call myself a feminist, who primarily benefits? Women? Or me?”, I’d say humanity (I’d like to also say “mankind” for the pun of it).Feminism isn’t the “premise of women’s issues”, it is the issues we are dealing with as a species within ourselves. So you can make that little correction there in “Women get hurt by Patriarchy and that’s more than enough reason to stop Patriarchy.”

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