On Giving Medium a Try

I always have a personal website, ever since I was 13. The idea of having a personal man cave on the internet is something every man should have and make a ritual of maintaining the habit.

My first personal online space was on Yahoo! 360, with black theme and two sidebars on the left and right. Back in 2005, Yahoo! 360 was a big deal in Vietnam, everyone was using it.

I’ve seen how mediums of writing changes from time to time, from Wix, SquareSpace, Jekyll, Hubpress, some random and crappy WYSIWYG site builders (like , etc… and I’ve tried them all…

I dabbled with Wordpress in February 2014, it took me a short time to learn and be an advanced user of it. I first hosted it on a shared hosting, then on WPEngine, then on AWS, then on Google Cloud Platform, then back to AWS. I liked the flexibility of it.

I really liked WordPress and I used it for much longer than any other publishing mediums.

But I’m a person with an addiction to speed and high scalability infrastructure, and that takes lots of my time and efforts. I can fine tune WordPress to the fastest architecture that I can.

Optimization, security, maintaining a WordPress blog and take time, money, and much of effort. I slowly grew tired of self hosting, but wouldn’t want to move to a managed WordPress hosting where companies either charge based on bandwidth, storage, or “visitors”. To me, those limitations for the price those hosting companies offer were ridiculous.

So I looked for a completely different service to build my man cave. It’s 2016, the year of minimalism, and I’m deeply inspired by it. I prefer to have anything with minimalist design, already optimized for speed, and focused on writing.

Upon doing a little research. I stumbled upon Ghost and Medium.

I heard of Ghost in 2013 when it was still tryghost.org, from a guy who sold the domain vi.et to me. I heard of Medium a little bit later when I saw many professionals wrote interesting personal articles on it. I guess it’s time for me to try either one of them.

Let the journey begins

One of the skills that I’m most proud of is choosing between different options rationally to find the product that best fit myself. When I go to a clothing store, I take many interesting pieces of clothing, look at them while walking around, put back some of the ones I don’t like, filter out some more, then came up with the ones I like best in a short period of time. It always fascinates people I go shopping with, and I’ve helped many people in life or in business choosing the right fit this way. It’s best to always know exactly what you want to do, in order to know exactly what you want to use.

Last week, I signed up on Ghost, it seemed nice. I was surprised to see that they got the domain name ghost.org, pretty nice. The dashboard and markdown blog posting method are nice as well. It’s just that the $19 base price doesn’t get me up in the morning to write any post.

Then I remembered something called Medium. I was like “hmm, if Medium would allow custom domain name, that’d be exciting”. It turned out they did add custom domain capability a long time ago. So I jumped on deck and wrote this post, not knowing if anything will turn out using Medium, but it’s pretty simple to use and I like it so far.