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What I use Alexa for the most (right now)

I bought an Alexa Echo Dot on Amazon Prime Day, July 11 cuz it was $35 bucks (it’s all your fault Dylan!).

In regards to what I use Alexa for the most (right now) — adding tasks to my to-do lists — Darren Austin said it best, take it away homie:

Consider the number of steps required to add an item to our family’s to-do list through an iPhone versus the Echo:
To do app on iPhone:
1. Locate phone (this may involve many more steps depending on how forgetful I am that day)
2. Unlock phone
3. Locate and open our to do app
4. Navigate to the appropriate to-do list (I have many to do lists)
5. Tap “Add a to do”
6. Type the name of task
7. Tap “Done” to save the to do
8. Put away phone
Amazon Echo:
1. Be anywhere near an Alexa-enabled device (in our home, that’s just about everywhere except the front yard)
2. Speak the words, “Alexa, add ________ to our To Do list”
3. Relish the feeling you are living in the future

Yes, there is Siri on my Macbook, but…

While I’m on the go, I do use Siri to add reminders on my iPhone, but you have to be precise, which is not comfortable to use, because

“I’m a human and I need to be loved.”

I disliked how I had to use the Amazon Alexa app to access my to-do list (trick-ass app fatigue), so I activated this lovely IFTTT that keeps my Alexa To Do List in sync with my iOS Reminders app, because iOS Reminders is the only place I like to look at for my to-dos.