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As you know, it is the best method-total social isolation- to prevent the Covid-19 epidemic at the present. And of course, we have still had a long time to stay at home with our family members. It is not a problem if you spend all day in one place in a short time. The popular question is how to keep the cozy space in our family during that time. There are three interesting ideas as follows.

First and foremost, women as especially mom and sisters have good opportunities to make lots of nutritious food by themselves, as usually they never…

“Covy COVID Covy

You make me crazy at home

But I’m not afraid of that

Still having fun at home

Wishing the epidemic will pass

So that peace will be to everyone”

Well, just “a girl named Covid-19” is enough to cause a riot in the whole world. No one can deny that “this girl” is too fast and furious not only to the world in general but also especially in Vietnam where seems to plunge into the war. …

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In a day, my favorite time would be 1 hour I spend for myself. Make a cup of hot tea, bring a chair to the balcony, drink the tea and look at the beautiful night sky, think about what I have done during a day, ask myself: Whether I am living in my dream life? Is there anything I could make better? And am I happy now?

Remember the days, I was a little girl, living with my parent. In summer days, the power cut was very often in my hometown. At night, after taking household chores, I open a…

Good Morning Sunshine — Photo by Vicki Jauron on Fineartamerica

This is my first time in my life living in such a horrible pandemic like this COVID-19 outbreak. Also, my first time to see and feel how strong and marvelous patriotism we have which I might only feel through my grandmother’s story when I was a little girl or through some history books when I was in school. I was weepy when I saw the Vietnamese flag in front of the entrance of every household in a small street where no one’s around because of quarantine. This is exactly the Vietnamese spirit that I was craving for. At that time…

For each student in the particular and Vietnamese in general, Hanoi today is still very mysterious and captivated by historical evidence, human imprints through legendary, historical monuments, old quarters, old houses, old walls, old streets, etc. These features have created a poetic, peaceful and deep Hanoi in the hearts of tourists and with the people of Vietnam.

Today, Hanoi develops faster and more vigorously. Hanoi has developed many modern features, “blending” with the ancient features. However, to this day, Hanoi like other cities around the world is “crouching”, “burdened” with “season” COVID.

COVID-19 epidemic caused millions of pupils and students…

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