Week 3: Danny v Smack

Gonna try to make some sense of what I drafted, I promise it’s probably going to be awful.

Game 1: Second Pick/Radiant

Phase 1

Our Bans: Magnus + Treant
Didn’t want to give them either. Their Magnus seems to be their best hero.

Their Bans: Abbadon + SB
Not sure about the Abba ban but SB is like our signature hero at this point.

Our Picks: Axe + Dazzle
Tree wanted Axe, I’m a Dazzle spammer now. Easy opening.
Tree mentioned he would probably start jungle right away. This is important later.

Their Picks: Jugg + Lina
Meta shit from Smack, who’d’ve thunk it.

Phase 2

Our Bans: KotL + DS
They like their Dark Seer and KotL is ass to play against

Their Bans: Medusa + LS
No clue on the Medusa, but an LS ban makes sense. We might’ve picked it up if it wasn’t banned.

Our Picks: Weaver + Clock
aTran weaver PogChamp. With SB banned I was tempted to give Greed a large number of retarded things but we all compromised on the support/offlane clock. With Tree in the jungle it made sense to pick someone that could soak XP.

Their Picks: Centaur + Ogre
Meta-ish shit? Not really sure. These seemed somewhat like desperation picks to really push their duo-core.

Phase 3

Our Ban: Disruptor
I know Smack has a raptor fetish so this one was obvious with them only having one support on the field.

Their Ban: OD
Banning Fallen’s OD probably wasn’t a bad idea, but we already knew we weren’t going with that.

Our Pick: Invoker
Axe setup for Sunstrike was value and we needed something that could actually not get wrecked by a Lina.

Their Pick: Warlock
:thonking: Maybe they thought the Axe was gonna be in lane I dunno.


Quad core did pretty well. Centaur was forced out of lane by aTran and me, Fallen was basically sacced, Greed managed not to die top somehow, and Tree killed a bunch of innocent forest creatures. We built up a bunch of momentum through pickoffs with Axe and Clock and just kinda ran at them until the game ended.

Smack’s prediction post-draft. 👍
When you’re winning the game but still have less networth than the enemy pos 5

Game 2

Phase 1

Our Bans: Treant + Lina
Lina was the only real problem the previous game and we didn’t want to risk Treant since we weren’t picking it.

Their Bans: Abbadon + Magnus
Still not sure about the Abba, but preventing us from Magnus makes a lot of sense. Would’ve been first pick otherwise.

Our Picks: Spirit Breaker + LS
Classic combination and two of our preferred heroes.

Their Picks: Dark Seer + Disruptor
Clearly didn’t want us banning these two this game. Decent opening, nothing surprising.

Phase 2

Our Bans: Jugg + Invoker
Fuck meta heroes right?

Their Bans: OD + Sniper
In retrospect, clear setup for the eventual SF pick. We even talked about it but decided the Invoker was more likely.

Our Picks: Axe + Dazzle
Felt like we could probably run this again, especially because it meant our SB would actually get levels. And picking the Axe up first ensured they wouldn’t grab the Dazzle, meanwhile we’d have the Dazzle to counter the LC.

Their Picks: LC + Ursa
We thought this was probably a mid LC. The Ursa was surprising but made sense as a way to burst down targets in Duel.

Phase 3

Our Ban: SK
Under the assumption that LC was mid, we were mostly afraid of the DS/SK dual off. In retrospect, we should’ve banned the SF here.

Their Ban: Medusa
Not sure here, I guess we’ve run it some in the past? If they’d planned on picking SF all along, I’m not exactly sure she’d have been a threat.

Our Pick: Necro
Seemed like a good pick all around for the situation. Probably shouldn’t have made Fallen play it. Swapping him and aTran here might’ve been the call.

Their Pick: SF
Seemed sketchy to pick this into an SB and Axe, but it paid off for them big time.


Dream got a fuck ton of farm on his SF somehow and put his team on his shoulders. Laning phase went pretty well for us: Fallen’s ping cost him some farm and maybe a death or two but aTran dominated a dual offlane on his own while SB got levels and Tree spent his time slaughtering defenseless creatures once again. A lot of this game comes down to some pretty serious misplays on our part.

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