Week 5: Danny v Monk Part 2: Shit Draft Boogaloo

Osis wanted to read more for some reason but instead of trying to explain the full-blown autism that happened with the rest of the draft I’m going to explain what we probably should have done after first phase if we wanted any actual chance of winning.

So let’s imagine what could’ve been. I’m sure this shit I’m sure this’ll be really fucking good. Here’s where we left off.

Game 2: First Pick/Radiant
Phase 1
Our Bans: Invoker + SK
Obviously should’ve banned the TA. Apparently Monk’s finally over his StarEnd-induced PTSD. Lesson learned.
Their Bans: SB + Warlock
Dey tuk err lockdown.
Our Picks: Treant + Enigma
Strong opener imo. Probably still would’ve taken the Enigma tbh.
Their Picks: Omni + TA
StarEnd TA PogChamp.

Let’s get into the T H E O R Y D R A F T. Prepare to get seriously next-leveled except not really.

Phase 2

Our Bans: Dazzle + Spectre
In retrospect there’s no way they’re picking Dazzle. I still would’ve banned some negative armor, though, which wouldn’t have changed much. Probably Venge.

Their Bans: Lina + TB
Fallen Lina is actually SO GOOD. Not sure about the TB ban, I don’t think anyone on my team plays TB.

Our Picks: Beastmaster + Weaver
Beast lets us just outright kill StarEnd any time he tries to get aggro on us. It’s a little wonky with an Enigma in the lineup as well, but I’m sure Teresa can play one of the two and we just make it work. Give aTran Weaver so we have comfort against comfort and to give the Disruptor something he really has to worry about.

Their Picks: Clock + Disruptor
Great ways to cancel black hole. I’m pretty damn sure they would’ve drafted these no matter what we picked here.

Phase 3

Our Ban: PL
Still would’ve banned this for sure.

Their Ban: OD
Probably would’ve still banned this I bet.

Our Pick: Venomancer
The snek is key here just to make StarEnd’s life as difficult as possible. Our ability to both initiate and counter-initiate is actually pretty ridiculous at this point. Veno and Beast give us a ton of vision to spot out StarEnd rotations. Honestly, this might’ve given us a shot a winning.

Their Pick: Alch
Classic Monk hero. Farm jungle for 30 minutes, push lanes while StarEnd makes space. I’m not sure they’d change this in response to Veno, but it’s possible. Without PL in the pool, anything they pick here probably has a similar role.

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