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New wallet

Integration with the Blockchain has been a major source of friction for our users. We would like to make the experience as seamless as possible, and the new wallet is a major improvement already.

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Minimalist wallet UI

The wallet is now tied to your account, and is accessible from any device.

Because the wallet is context aware, we are able to provide simplified interfaces and custom UI’s, while cutting back on unnecessary steps.

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Publishing new videos now takes a single click

Client side encryption

The wallet seed is generated client side during the wallet creation process. Users should pick a strong password, and write down their backup seed in a safe place. Restoring the wallet without the seed or the password is not possible. …

Smart cryptocurrency users store their tokens on hardware wallets, multi-sig and cold storage setups. This does however come at the cost of convenience, whereby voting on is challenging or outright impossible.

We have found a way for sophisticated users to have their cake and eat it too. With the VotingPowerDelegator contract, users can “delegate” the voting power of their tokens to a convenient hot wallet ( wallet or MetaMask), while keeping the actual tokens safe on a secure wallet.

Delegate with Etherscan and Metamask

Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Paste in the beneficiary address (your hot wallet) and click Write.

Note: If you would like to remove the delegation, simply delegate to…

Improved player and video delivery infrastructure

We have decoupled our player from the app and created an improved player build pipeline. The new player loads faster, consumes less bandwidth and allows us to ship embedding feature sometime in the near future. We have also fixed several bugs and UX issues.

The improved video delivery infrastructure and routing have contributed to faster buffering and seek times.

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See it for yourself

Dynamic gas fees

Spam attacks on the Ethereum network in the past month have exposed the insufficiency of our previous gas estimation mechanism, leaving users with poor experience during 10-fold spikes.

We have tuned our gas estimation algorithm such that it responds to congestion spikes better. The primary objective is for users to have fast confirmation times, while paying the least amount of fees, and our new gas estimation mechanism seems to be performing well in that regard. …

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