Behind the Lens: A Trip Across the Pond
The Obama White House

Forget for a moment whether you’re a supporter of President Obama, or not. For the moment consider what’s in the frame. The insights it gives you into a world in which the newspapers at best will pull out a lead and then what.

To that end, Pete Souza, Chief Official White House Photographer, has raised the bar on the documentary maker cum archivist of a president’s life.

I read somewhere a fascinating account of Souza speaking about his relationship with his subject @Potus and his methodology. They sort of quietly acknowledge each other, I think I recall him saying.

Often photos don’t immediately evoke sentiment of the person behind the lens and the permissions and negotiations they have to make to capture that image and in this collection, as well as others, there are a great many in different styles, revealing the explicit and quiet often the implicit; you start to wonder…

Somewhere, when @potus makes way for the next, you’d like to think Souza, above the many accolades he’s received, will be showered with many more. Fascinating to watch.

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