5 Great Technology & Smartphone Blogs to Read!

These days, some of the best smartphones with 4g in India are available in the market and it is simply a great time to be living in. The internet is a wonderful place & there is no dearth of incredible smartphone blogs that track iPhones, Android devices, BlackBerries and other smartphones. If you love smartphones & like to keep up with what’s happening in the world of android & mobile phones in general, we have made a collection of 5 great technology and smartphone blogs, (in no particular order) you should be reading right now.

1. Hootsuite

The place you need to head to for all things technical. Hootsuite Development is like taking a sneak peek into Hootsuite’s cutting edge technology, brilliant developers & the challenges that they face. For android fans & developers, the archives are just pure gold. They’re full of tips and tricks to make android development much simpler. Whether you’re a developer or just a fan, it’s a great blog, period.

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