psychedelic mornings

regardless of how much i tossed and turned as i struggled to fall asleep in the wee hours of this saturday morning, something in me wasn’t ready to let go of my consciousness just yet.

having these dreams, aspirations and searing ideas to just jump off and desiring of the most promising and buoyant life — i never thought i could feel something this immensely . i feel as though this is what i’m meant to do — to be destined to reign and excel in what i set my mind on.

i’m done just dreaming. i’m ready to act on ’em, i’m ready to just fucking go.

there’s so much i’d wanna do, so much to write, capture, design and feel. and i will.

regardless of how many times it’s been underlined that i've only got me to pick myself up each time and always remain cold and distant, it does get a little hard at times.

the potholes formed from the constant falls makes my unguarded soul to helplessly wish for someone i could spoil. someone’s lap i could rest my head on as i endlessly go on blabbering about my inspirations. to be present for this imaginative individual when her life milks the ability to just be human; to make her weary eyes twinkle with promise once again. to be her band-aid.

my skin feels different, my eyes fail to perceive fatigue, my mind’s filled with purpose, my heart’s flourishing heavenly, my body’s formidable, my thoughts are rapturous — i’m growing and hopefully radiating the more i undergo the bitterness of this world.

and i don’t plan on sleeping just yet.

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