4 morning habits that can make your day!

If you have read on medium as much as most people do, you would have landed to at least 10 morning routines of successful/super successful people. And if you are a little adventurous you would have tried some of them.

Chances are most of them just didn’t cut it. Personally early morning cold shower didn’t work for me or anybody that I know of. We got sick! I mean Checked into a hospital sick!

Most of it is just common sense or so I am told.

Here we go

  1. Get up early
  2. Read a book or Write a page
  3. Exercise/Gym/Yoga
  4. Good breakfast

Get Up Early

All through middle and high school mom insisted that we (my younger sister and me) get up early. About at 4:30 am, sure we are from an army family but this routine had more to do with my mom’s belief that

What ever we read stuck to us throughout

And as a matter of fact it did, we rarely ever had a study hour during the day or after school (we did do homework after school though! )

It’s been years I don’t wake up at 4 anymore but 5:15 am is my time, I have enough time to

  • Read a chapter
  • Write a draft (for medium) /rewrite a second draft
  • Make some tea and laze around for 30 minutes
  • Go to gym
  • Cook breakfast and lunch
  • Clean my room
  • Comfortably take a cab to office

7 things I did before I even started my work day.

Read or Write

Research suggests reading helps with

  • Memory improvement/better higher brain function
  • Better vocabulary
  • Relaxation
  • Knowledge (of course)
  • Impressing women

If these don’t compel you to read, you are a G E N I U S

P. S. Writing has similar benefits.


There are both for and nay sayers for exercising in mornings. I think it doesn’t matter when you do this, what matters is we exercise morning, evening or middle of the day your choice.

For one thing

you won’t be huffing and puffing climbing stairs to the 3rd floor

And for another you would be healthier, stronger and better looking with better digestion.


Again if you have read articles on medium or watched videos on YouTube. There are actually video that say

Hey you can live on liquid diet and nothing else, 3 meals a day is a myth created by settlers

I say bull shit, a good breakfast after exercise and before work day starts has always! ALWAYS! made sure I had a better day than when I’m hungry at 11 am in the morning, (while following this vegan liquid only diet).

Hopefully this made sense to a lot of you and I’m pretty sure you knew this shit!

If yes why not try doing it for once?

Have fun eating, Chao!

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

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