Solving - Inter- team COMMUNICATION

If you are like most companies then you have teams working on different facets of your organisation and if the number of people in them is more than than a number that can fit into your living room.

You have the

Communication Problem between the said Teams

and if you think that not the case, then either you are still in deep hibernation, like the fellow here

Don’t dig deep ( he might not be sleeping) but you get the point!

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One of the most obvious places where it shows up is the brotherhood of Sales and Marketing. One can’t sustain without the other in most cases but the communication disparity between these 2 very important teams is ..legen!!…..wait for it….dary!! ( from: how I met your mother?)

There are some funny ones here — ->

Anyway , its there believe it or not! So what are we gonna do about it??

The solution to the problem is rather simple actually , you just have to implement one thing, this THING is defined below

From :- Marvel’s Fantastic Four

THE THING- Solution to the problem


Lets me Explain each term in the solution

Accountable:- Make this part of every teams KPI ( Key Performance Indicator), Usually Sales KPI is to bring in customers or add revenue. The new Target/KPI might include complete measurable information should be passed on to marketing. Complete information to be defined by a joint session of Sales and marketing.

Defined Deliverable’s:- Don’t say help the other guy, define what needs to be done and define this would be measured and make sure the both the teams agree to it.

Internal Customers:- the dependent team, for Sales it is marketing, for Product it is Sales and marketing.

If this worked for you, add comments below. Would be really happy to hear from you.