Stop clock productivity — How to be more productive using a STOP CLOCK.

For every article written on productivity the 2nd if not 1st thing to do is to manage our time.

Problem arise when we try to consciously try doing it; in our crusade to get meaningful work done in less time, we usually screw ourselves over and nothing gets done.

What we actually do

a) Install a task management app
b) integrate that with our calendar
c) Create tasks and reserve time on our calendar to do it
d) Postpone the task for tomorrow
e) Screw -to do list within a week and get back to where we started

Instead — What we should be doing

What we need to understand is “everything needs the works before it can be mastered”. That includes Mastering your time.

Start with one task and clock it (using a stop clock)
Idea is to assign a time and finish it before stop clock hits 0.

This works for literally everything , from making sure you don’t over brush your teeth, to weekly sales reports.

It has been proven for decades in academics, take any test for instance, it is timed and we try our hardest to finish the paper before the CLOCK HITS 0