The thing about writing

The thing about writing

When I was 14 , I wanted to draw comic books. The one I was truly hopeful for was this 4 armed(hidden) psychic with super strength and speed. The only problem was origin story , all the ones I thought of alien from another planet, reincarnation of a god, last survivor of an extinct race of humans with super powers were already taken and it’s been 13 years since and I still don’t have a origin story ( for the lack of trying)

I’ve realised Writing is like sex no matter what you do it’s what you need. It’s basic human nature that most people have learnt to ignore . It is our basic sentiment of being heard, of commanding attention, of existing, of being immortal.

Why else would, cavemen draw what she did in her daily grind with what little instrument that they could find and Egyptians pharaohs spend a life time building tombs for when they are dead.

But the thing about writing is “it’s stupidly frustrating, unnerving and helps build suicidal tendencies”. Researchers at Karolinska Institute in Sweden found “Writers Are Twice as Likely to Commit Suicide”.

To put in context if a sane man has a 35% chance of killing himself , a writer has 70%. Thank god , most people don’t even consider me to be a writer(herd mentality and I’m safe, well almost!).

It’s been 2 months since I resolved to write everyday. Since I read everyday, how hard can it be to put something on paper right! I have 5 articles (2 of them are here) and 3 on the way. Finished up all that in about 2 weeks.

5 articles ( not including this one) in 14 days and I wrote most of them in a stretch on couple of days! now remember I was supposed to do this everyday not twice a week or once in two days.

Every time I think about this, it feels like when you sit on a leather chair bare back and the leather sticking to your back peeling of you as if a snake shedding it’s skin. ( This is out of sync but I’m gonna keep it here anyway)

The thing about writing is, it’s a long excruciating process. Patience and hope that it would come out right are the only driving forces.

But once you have written the first draft, it becomes a little easier to re-write the second one and finally publish something worth reading.

The thing about writing is “All the discomfort it dishes out holds nothing when compared to the delight you get when someone reads your post”

The thing about writing is , though I may not be good at its, it’s oddly satisfying.

The thing about writing is you don’t need to be a genius to do it. It’s a skill that we are born with.