Everything happens for a “good” reason

Ha ha. One of my favorite hindi movies was “Taxi no 9211".

In that at the climax, the hero loses everything he had, and people show him their true colors. His friends valued what he offered but not his friendship.

His lover only loved him for his wealth. He says to her “don’t worry we can start over”. She replies “yeah, I will be beside you as a friend not as lover”.

That heartbreak. That pain.

He realizes how much his family meant to him and what are the true things that we should value.

Wanna know how movie ends?

He gets everything back and a better relationship.

Ha ha, funny thing is….. That’s exactly what happened to me (well the climax part). I was at a low point not long ago. Friends left me. A romantic relationship ended with an offer of friendship.

Though I am not sure how mine will end up being, at the least, I know what is important.

And I couldn’t be happier.

And I feel exactly like that hero. Making positive amends to my life.

Everything does indeed happen for a GOOD reason.