All about whole vibration machines

Vibration machines and whole body vibration machines in particular offer health benefits like improving blood pressure as well as physical benefits like weight loss and body building which make them one of the important health and fitness equipment. But despite their benefits, choosing a machine is an intimidating task as there are various brands and makes of vibration machines available in the market which will only end up confusing you.

Understanding your requirements for owning a vibration machine

But when you know the basics your choosing becomes easier. First you must know what your requirement is whether you need it for health related purposes or body building purposes. Based on this you can choose a machine based on the type of vibration it employs. Typically there are two types based on the vibrations where you have the horizontal type and the vertical type of vibration. As the name suggests, the horizontal vibration involves vibrations in the direction of either left to right or front to rear and vertical is up and down. Before understanding the mechanism and principal of vibration machines understand your needs.

A whole body vibration machine involves a vibration platform on which you step on and a motor that vibrates this platform. Based on the intensity of the vibrations the motor may be either single or dual. Pivotal type of vibration machine serves basically for health related purposes like improving bone density, blood pressure, serotonin levels, detoxification of the body, lymph drainage; cellulite reduction, etc. thus when you are keen on these purposes you can choose this type of body vibration machine.

Choose the right website for complete information

For physical aspects like body building, weight loss and management the linear type is ideal. The various models currently available in the market are tested and the first hand experience of each model is listed at This will further help you choose an ideal model based on quality. Selection becomes easier when you have the features, pros and cons of every model listed in brief.

There is a third type as well which is in fact based on both horizontal and vertical vibrations and is called as triplanar vibration type of whole body vibration machine. As it involves both mechanisms of vibrations this machine runs on dual motors. Triplanar is preferred by many as it gives both health and fitness benefits of vibration machine. This kind is ideal for your whole family as they can derive both health benefits like improving serotonin levels, blood pressure, etc and also gain the benefits of heavy intensity workouts that aid in losing weight and also body building.

Pointers for choosing a good quality whole body vibration machine

Other factors that you must consider to choose a good quality machine are the amplification and frequency of vibration. The frequency should never be lesser than 50 H and the amplification must never be lesser than 8 mm. in fact you have models where amplification is as high as 10 mm. Buying a vibration machine must be after thorough consideration and not on sudden impulse. Research is thus crucial to know the price range as well. Good machines range from $1000 to $16,000. A vibration machine that costs you lesser than $1000; is not of good quality. Hence, price of the machine is another important factor to be considered.

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