Few Reasons Why Anime is so Popular

Anime is a style of cartoon animation originating in Japan, with characteristic stylization of the characters and backgrounds which visually separates it from other forms of animation. It is good to mention that some anime TV shows, books or movies are made completely manually others are created with the help of a computer. Anime is usually aired on TV, distributed on media like DVDs and Blu-Ray discs and via video game consoles or computers. The history of anime started at the beginning of the 20th century, but in the past two decades thanks to the advance in technology this form of art has become popular worldwide. This popularity is a real enigma to some people and that’s why we would like to point out few things that make anime special and unique.

First of all, anime is entertaining. This is the basic goal of every anime — to entertain people. People don’t need to have special knowledge in Japanese culture and tradition in order to enjoy an episode of anime. Typical anime TV shows are made in a way that can attract viewers even if they didn’t start watching the TV show from the start. These TV shows and movies can be separated into different genres which mean that no matter what genre you like you can find suitable video material for you. Just like any other type of animation there might be some bad shows, but most of them are really interesting. After all, you don’t need to spend anything in order to watch an episode of anime. Use your computer or your TV.

As previously mentioned, anime started in Japan and this means that viewers who don’t live in Japan will get the chance to get familiar with another (usually) very completely culture. This doesn’t mean that anime will make you expert in Japanese culture and that this form of art is used for promotion of Japanese culture. However, there are some parts in these TV shows and movies where you can learn something more about Japan and the way people there think. For example, you can learn more about table manners in Japan. This is not something that authors do intentionally because this is part of their culture. You can also learn more about the way people talk to each other and the way they respect authorities. Watching anime won’t make you an expert in Japanese tradition and culture, but it can surely help you learn something new and unusual. Of course, even if you don’t focus on these things you will still have a lot of fun.

Many people that have watched only few scenes of anime think that these cartoons are for the kids. The truth is that there are some anime created especially for the younger generation, but there are also some animations made for the older audience and some of these animations have very deep content. They have complex stories that will definitely make you think about some things that bother modern people.

Finally, anime TV shows and movies have beautiful art and music. Starting from the specific big eyes on almost all characters and ending with the beautiful relaxing music and interesting sounds effects, anime is definitely one of the most interesting and unique forms of art today.

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