Are we Independent?

*Life tells the shattered soul*
Welcome O welcome
Welcome to your hell.
I will thrash all your dreams,
Till you cry, plead and yell.

*The soul replies*
Dreaming what you want, 
Is that a sin? 
Oh! Bring it on then, 
I am here to win.

Boy 'O' boy
You are so trapped. 
But I love the sound,
When you get slapped.

Mercy O mercy
What did I do wrong? 
Beat me to death, but 
I will come back strong.

I gave you blacks and blues
All over your face.
You're crumbling like a wounded soul,
Lagging far behind the race.

*Soul laughs and replies*
Ah! You moron. 
My soul is like a tree. 
It'll keep on growing,
Till it sets me free.

Don't you forget my boy, 
You are just a slave. 
Try chasing your dream 
And I will show you your grave.

*Finally, soul says*
Just wait and watch.
It will be my turn
One day. And that day, 
The world will watch you burn.

Inner conflict is biggest trap ever. Never give up, entangle and set yourself free. 
That day, wish yourself,
Happy Independence day!

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