Being Happy!

I talk a lot about being happy but I don’t know what it is!

I wake up everyday and wish the days turns out good!

I think about the people I would like to meet, the food I would like to eat and the songs I would like to listen to!

I never end up doing all the things I want to which is not a surprise!

You can never do everything, just cannot have everything!

So we prioritise and we choose!

Some choices are good but most end up bad!

I get busy think about why things went bad!

The choice was made with good intentions!

I wonder! I ponder over it! I talk to myself about it!

I talk to people about it!

I read books to find the answer, I visit places!

I'm crying and laughing my way through! I'm animated and distracted!

And that's how time passes,

I don't realise how quickly it does!

So apparently the happiest times are when I'm not thinking about being happy 😊😊😊😊