A Simple- English Interpretation of the letter written by Justice Amit Roy after jailing Mrs. Sasikala

After convicting Ms. Jayalalitha and Mrs. Sasikala in the Disproportionate Assets case, Mr. Roy wanted to express his sorrow via a supplementary letter addressing the common people of this country. As the vocabulary was too difficult for the normal common people of our society to understand, I thought it is very important for me to take up this responsibility to translate his letter to a simple-easily understandable English. I personally think it is a great responsibility for each one of us to read, share and follow the message from our Justice!

From here, I have interpreted the letter in Justice Roy’s foot!

2. The facts revealed by the investigation process, show that a deep rooted conspiracy has been utilized to accumulate vast amount of illegal wealth without any morality and a large amount of efforts have been put in to cheat the court. The amount of intellect used to accomplish this scam has put us in a great surprise!

3. Corruption is a great disease which has got deep rooted in every single point of this country. The Everyday experiences of a common man in this society, the stories of powerful people fearlessly escaping from judicial prosecutions misusing their influences has become a black mark to our country.

The vast amount of wealth yielded by this great amount of corruption has strengthened these corrupt people to control the progress of this society. It is very important for every single individual of this country to join hands together and work at every level to save our country from this dreadful disease.

4. The accussed (Ms. Jayalalitha, Mrs. Sasikala and others) have very cleverly attempted to trick the legal interpretation of the anti-corruption law and deceive the court. But we have very consciously and cautiously dodged their tricks to save the justice. We believe that given the current scenario of our country, our judgment has to be published with a great responsibility and vision for our country. The interpretations of the “Anti-corruption” law of the Indian Penal code has to satisfy the purpose with which this law had been created.

5. Corruption is fearlessly performed by the public representatives taking unfair advantage of their power and authority with the help of a few subordinate loyalists. These corrupt people have the responsibility to answer this whole country for violating and cheating the promise that they had made the people. Not only such an act is a great betrayal to the liberty, dignity, unity and the integrity promised by the Constitution to every single individual of this country, but also it is an unforgivable betrayal to the foundation of this democracy.

6. The unfair advantage and illegal wealth generated by these corrupt people destroys the morality of the ethical, honest, upright citizen of this country and widens the divide between the haves and have nots. This extremely harmful act triggers an imbalance in the society’s existential stratas and destroys the constructive progress in the overall well-being of the nation. It encourages the honest people of this country to break the law for materialistic benefits.

7. Corruption is such as dominant cancerous disease created by the evil people, which corrupts the sensible, rational honest people of our country and makes them feel dejected as a negligible minority in this corrupt world. And as a result these honest people end up losing the very much dharmic values based on which this great nation was created. Therefore a great change in the mindset of the people is very much necessary to save our nation.

8. Every citizen has to be a partner in this noble mission, if we aspire for a stable, ideal society as foreseen by our forefathers and fondly cherished by their great self-less sacrifices.


Amit Roy, Justice Supreme court

Simple English translation/interpretation

Vignesh Baskaran

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Reference: http://www.thehindu.com/news/national/tamil-nadu/article17300801.ece/BINARY/DAcase