The Conspiracy behind Ms. Jayalalitha’s acquittal in the High court of Karnataka

The common people of this Indian society have lost their trust on the Indian judiciary system, after giving a clean chit to Mr. Salman Khan in the black-buck case, Mr. Dayanidhi Maran in Aircel-Maxis case and many other top politicians escaping from judiciary penalization by misusing their political influence. To all such people, the conviction of Late Chief Minister Ms. Jayalalitha has not brought in much hope, as people are still dwelling with the doubts whether she would have been convicted if she were alive. At this juncture, I personally believe, it is very important for each and everyone of us to go back and read through the judgment copy Mr. Kumarasamy, who acquitted Ms. Jayalalitha in the Karnataka High Court.

Timeline of the D.A. case:

  1. Trial court convicts Ms. Jayalalitha, Mrs. Sasikala and others in 2015.
  2. High court presided by Justice Kumarasamy acquits the criminals in 2015.
  3. Supreme court dismisses the High court’s decision and convicts them again in 2017.

This article discusses, how the High court betrayed the people of this nation and acquitted the criminals.

It was extremely shocking when I read through the judgment copy of Mr. Kumarasamy and my mind was caught up in a heavy trauma. I am also very much upset with the media which didn’t focus so much on this judgment, despite of it being very much important to expose the state of out judiciary system.

Despite of Ms. Jayalalitha being acquitted in the Assests case in the Trial court in 2015, the Karnataka High court had concluded irrationally that she is innocent. The most important argument that the High court had presented against the Trail court was to add up her bank loans as a source of income, which is perfectly sensible. But please check out the addition the High court judge had performed, yourselves!

A Snapshot from the Judgment copy published by the Karnataka High Court justice Mr. Kumarasamy (Pg. 852).
When I totalled the sum was Rs. 10,67,31,274 and not Rs. 24,17,31,274. That is the addition mistake was Rs. 13.5 crores.
Arithmetic Addition mistake

The Supreme court justice have acknowledged the mistake committed by the High court justice. In my perception, this is definitely not a mistake committed without motive. As a simple blog writer, I myself check my articles 6 to 7 times, before publishing. The amount of negligence shown by the representatives of these judiciary systems, whose major responsibility is to protect the common men, is highly disappointing. Moreover I am very much worried why other a very few responsible media, most of them haven’t highlighted this as a catastrophic major issue.

But the letter written bu the Supreme court justice Mr. Amit Roy after acquitting the accused in the further appeal shows that it is not the whole judiciary system, but some member of it are corrupting, thus restoring our faith on the judiciary system.

இந்த கடிதத்தின் எளிமையான ஆங்கில ஆக்கத்திற்கு இங்கு செல்லவும்.

To read a simple English interpretation of Justice Roy’s letter please click here