Another Reason to Love Yanni

There are a number of reasons why I love Yanni: he is a talented musician who—as far as I'm concerned—has revived orchestral music with his live performances, especially with his most famous 1993 'Live at the Acropolis' concert. I love listening to most of his work. From what I gather, he's a wonderfully positive human being. With a lion's mane for hair and a crisp black moustache, I find him painfully handsome in his older album covers. He's even named one of his pieces Santorini, the most colourful island I have ever seen in pictures.

Another reason why I love Yanni is because he always starts his songs with a short, positive message. I remember very clearly what he says before his third piece in the 'Acropolis' album:

‘You know, sometimes we get caught up in our troubles and our problems and we let life slip away, but life is precious, all of life, and one must try to take in as much of it as possible. This song is called, “Until the Last Moment.” ’

And then he begins to play a meditative piano piece with a few accompanying orchestral instruments. His message gives the song premise and meaning, and lets me enjoy it better.

A couple of years ago, my father and I were lucky enough to watch Yanni perform in Bangalore. It had been fifteen years since his famous 'Tirbute' concert at the Taj Mahal. In the concert we attended, I remember him citing another signature thought of his:

‘A little while back I was watching an interview with one of the astronauts from the Space Shuttle and in this interview he was describing his experiences while he was orbiting the planet and he was saying how beautiful Earth looks from above and he said that, much to his surprise, when he was going over Europe, he found that he was having a hard time telling the countries apart from each other. He said, the reason for that was, that the lines in the maps are not in the ground, it makes a great point: these lines really don´t exist. They´re made up completely and we perpetuate in the illusion that somehow we´re all different from each other and I think the world would be a much better place if someday we stop pretending that these lines exist and we concentrate in our similarities rather than in our differences.’
‘And I just want to remember one more thing, that everything great that has ever happened to humanity since the beginning, has begun as a single thought in someone’s mind and if anyone of us is capable of such a great thought then all of us have the same capacity, capability, because we are all the same.’

It's true, you know. I agree wholly with Yanni. It's why I connect so deeply with his music. It's why I love the guy so much.

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