Are humans first generation Androids?


Is our present, real?

While thinking of various functions which machines would eventually conquer and at the same time looking at us humans performing distinct functions today, it makes me think whether we are in fact the first generation androids?

When I say, first generation androids, I don’t refer to the mechanical life that we lead but over and above, whether our evolution is similar to that of the robots we are building today. I wanted to find an answer to this question and got many philosophical thoughts. One way to decode this was to dig into the past and see how we humans and life evolved on Earth but I felt the answer lies few centuries ahead of us.

Living in the future — with my android friend.

Robots are likely to take over most of our functions, you might find them at hospitals, helping the doctor with a surgery (or doing it on its own). Fixing your vehicle at a garage or managing the traffic (and yes, traffic due to flying cars!).

But how will they get their jobs assigned? Will humans do that for them? Will they become smarter enough to designate roles for themselves? Will they choose their jobs, based on their structure, strength and weakness, like us humans do? The answer could be, all of them. Probably robots will find a way to fix themselves, find a way to add a new arm or replace a component for extended life, without any help from us humans.

This may sound like fiction (or a new Michael Bay movie) but it is the same thing we are doing today, everyday.

Looking back in time — our probable past

One of the reasons for relying on philosophical reasons for this topic is due to the fact that even science has failed to answer the question on how life began on Earth.

Are we replicating our own history?

Now think about the androids we are creating today. Few generations down the line, it might feel the same about itself, like we do. It might feel that it was created out of an accident and not by a much weaker civilisation called humans. Perhaps, even if you told the android that you are the one who created it, it might laugh at you. The same way you would, if someone tells you today, that he is the creator of life on Earth.


Thanks for reading! :)



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