I tried peas in guacamole and survived

A culinary experimentation with The New York Times’ controversial recipe

Because I’m the type of person to say “chocolate” when everyone else says “vanilla,” I had to get involved in the Peas in Guacamole Scandal of 2015. So I made it this evening and here’s the evidence.

Quick backstory: In case you were living under a rock last week (or understandably away from technology on a Fourth of July vacation), The New York Times posted a recipe for green pea guacamole on July 1.

The Internet freaked out.

The controversial recipe got responses from Mr. Obama himself (@POTUS), as well as Republican Presidential Candidate Jeb Bush.

Jezebel was downright pissed.

Lots of news outlets (i.e. Vox, Buzzfeed, Indianapolis Star) have made the recipe themselves in the past week. The New York Times even responded on July 2 with an article about pea guacamole defenders. So here I go:

I made pea guacamole and I liked it.

I didn’t have all the ingredients the Times called for but made some substitutions and incorporated the important ones: avocados, lime, salt, red pepper flakes, sunflower seeds, cilantro and — of course — green peas.

The result:

You honestly can’t even taste the peas, which anyway have a sort of neutral flavor. It all sort of just blends into the avocado mixture.

Peas don’t add to guacamole. Peas don’t take away from guacamole. So my conclusion: meh, not a bad combo at all.

Palo-Alto based Vignesh Ramachandran like guacamole, peas in guacamole and food in general. When not trying to find new ways of spicing up boring boxed mac-and-cheese or cooking inordinate amounts of veggie stir fry, he’s a journalist. Follow @VigneshR on Twitter or at VigneshR.com.

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