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My Experience as an Intern @LGMVIP

Hey, Guys how you all are doing I hope you all are doing well. Recently I have enrolled for an intership program at Letsgrowmore.

So here I would like to share my internship experience at Letsgrowmore. In this internship program, they have given us three tasks out of which we have to do two tasks to get the internship certificate. So, let’s go through my tasks.

Task1:- In task one we have to build a single-page application I have introduced all the features in these project like carousels, cards, newsletters, swiping video section, swiping Gallery section contact section, and at last a footer. It was a “Beginning Level” task.

Task 1 Code:

Task3:-In this task we have to prepare a Student Result Website using HTML, CSS and Javascript . It was a simple result displaying webpage which displayed result by passing register number and name as inputs to display the stored result. It was an “Advanced Level” task.

Task 3 Code:

At last I would like to thank Letsgrowmore for boosting up my skills and I recommend all of you guys to visit VIP-Letsgrowmore and take benefits from these free organization.For internships at LGMVIP,please visit and .

Thank you,

Sruthi R