Hearts across Boundaries..!

Vignesh Rathinavel
Oct 22, 2018 · 3 min read

The fascinating four letter word, do exist in different forms, might be as a crush or obsession or infatuation or name it whatever. There is a much special form it takes, where those involved in it, doesn’t get to meet each other or in some case wouldn’t get to meet in their lifetime, but still they want each other to quench their four letter thirst.

Long Distance Relationship, though the Greeks didn’t name it(when I tried googling, ‘what are the different kinds of love’), is a special form of Love, taking shape in this internet era, has its own kind of pleasure which couldn’t replaced by a Billion Dollars or Cannabis.

Love vs Wall

Love, in a long distance relationship is exceptional, though it looks crazy or goalless. Waiting for the one we love, missing them and longing for them are simply three things which makes our heart pound, in Love. These things are the foundation in long distance relationship. Not everyone enjoys it. Most of the people just hate it or feel uninterested since its not spicy, without hooking up or hanging out. Yes, good things are rare and can be savored to only the rarest. Perhaps this is unique, since its not everyone’s choice.

In practical, we would marry a gadget, date it, go shopping with it, kiss it, blah.. and showcase it all our privacy for the one who living in the chip-set. By living in a virtual reality, where a face displayed with an open hands gesture, offering a hug (an emoji) is the only way which I can hug my dearest, being in distant, makes the the four letter word Bolder and Italic(LOVE), in the thrive to attain completeness.

The kind of feeling which we get when not able to be with the Babe during their hard times should eventually make us feel blue but everything turns out to wanting the person more and more in this kind of relationship, don’t know why, may be because blue scatters more. Making us a maniac, long may you reign, ‘L.O.V.E.’.

Hearts across boundaries without any line of control. May be no flags and borders would be created if Long Distance Relationships existed since the human civilization begun. But nothing is late, there are no rules, no limits, everything should be set free, everything should be changed. The planet have faced several human migrations due to war, crisis or split of countries, which seems insane. RIP those who loved like us and split up by boundaries or still waiting for the love of their life.

It is so magical to be in love with someone far away, at this point, all the definitions of the four letter word voids and it becomes un explainable, I think it is the God particle which connects the two little hearts. It is complicated and only those involved in this kind of relationship can understand, how awesome the four letter word is. No walls can be raised against it and there are no boundaries. Everything is wrapped around in a love mesh, no one can escape.

Don’t know when they meet, don’t know whether they meet, don’t know the wall between them will be broken, don’t know the line between them will be erased, but do know the purest form of love exists.

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