Recently, I had to re-setup my work computer. So I had to reinstall a lot of software, including my IDE. When it comes to IDEs, I mostly use RubyMine, but I also like to use VSCode from time to time.

One thing I realized is that both RubyMine and VSCode have some default plugins that you might not notice if you don’t know about them. In fact, you might already be using them! One thing for sure is that they are life-changing.

One of the default plugins is Emmet and believe me, you will never write HTML and CSS the…

As we saw in one of our previous articles, Doctolib is trying to help our new joiners to ramp up faster on our stack. One of the hardest things for them is to understand RxJS because it was used for just about anything and everything. As a result, we decided to get rid of it in our codebase.

Quick reminder:

When Doctolib was in its early stages, state management for React apps was still very experimental and there was no consensus about which way to go. Two emerging libraries were becoming fashionable: Redux and RxJS. …

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