Well that survey is out, and I have to say, it is interesting. There will always be a continual change in the definition of “Devops” to an organisation. I will not go through the whole document, but I shall summarise what I think about the points in the executive summary;

Fault tolerance and High Availability are very subjective when it comes to environments. In many cloud environments, High availability is often celebrated and sold upon to customers. …

In episode 1, I have touched about my direction of being an operations guy moving towards being a SRE. That is a long journey with many beautiful scenic routes as well as pitfalls. …

I am an operations guy making my way to understand the intricate nature of development and of course the whole craze about Devops and Site Reliability Engineering. Before one can jump into Devops, one has to start off with this steps in mind from being operations only.

SRE would be…

Vig Sivapragasam

Core Infrastructure Engineering@Vector https://www.vector.co.nz/

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