Bit of Computational to Full Front

Photo by Fabian Grohs on Unsplash

Out of McMaster University with an Honours Biology Degree under my belt, I was ready to face the world. Had the love for science and tech, so why not put them together? I didn’t have too much coding experience, just an undergraduate thesis on Computational Biology; finding special areas in gene sequences. I knew I liked coding, problem solving, and naturally was inclined to technology (hence working at Apple). I just never got to break into the industry of bioinformatics and join 23andMe out the gate. Going through countless job applications as an aspiring lab associate and not receiving any callback, I started to look at my options again, to gain practical skills applicable in the real world.

Almost one year ago, discussing with a past university mentor/roommate, (now: tech-wizard with his entrepreneurial big-brain mind) I asked for his wisdom. Given all the options I had, the technology sector seemed the way to go. The booming industry, the age of digitization and leaps in tech were pretty convincing strong points. He boiled it down to getting my black-belt in Javascript, databases, and rest APIs + frameworks (also a dash of Vaynerchuck). If I could do this, I’d have a relatively stable foundation. Close friends had seemed to find success in development as well, through their own amazing journeys. *Congrats!*

But wait — I didn’t have a CS degree, nor any background, was it possible? Am I just optimistically biased to survivor stories and was undergrad for nothing?

So started, the journey of self-learning. Through Udemy + Odin Project, I got some fundamentals down. However, there was always an over-arching mountain, knowing that the journey was going to be an extended and rugged path at the pace I was going. I knew at some point I would burn out and lose motivation quickly. That’s when I hit a point of realization and really took a deep dive into what is offered in the space of coding institutions. I researched for weeks (countless sources), learning differing opinions on which bootcamps to go to; or worth attending at all.

Through all the reviews and community posts, I concluded what really matters is the amount of effort and time I give into the program. My ROI depended on what I made of the coming 9 weeks. I understood bootcamp was expensive to attend; but it was an investment in my future. Regardless, I am able to learn hand-on skills used across hundreds of companies. I ended up with Juno College for their curriculum and I also had a work colleague attending a previous cohort, with a stellar recommendation of the program. I ended-up enrolling in their intro Web-Dev course, learned about the infamous Wes Bos, and here I am now, 1 week in the bootcamp. Development is just another skill stacked on to my Bio background which is an additional asset I can provide — so I didn’t waste undergrad. With hopes to work as a dev for a Healthcare/Bio company in the near future, my real journey has only begun, and I’m pretty excited.

Front-End Dev