It’s crazy to think how fast this bootcamp flew by! It coincidentally landed during the COVID-19 pandemic which gave me something to do and be more productive than usual.

Within 7 weeks so far, I have gone over HTML, CSS, Vanilla JS, Jquery, React.js, and Firebase. It was a lot…

My favourite coffee has a shot of vanilla in it. What about vanilla javascript?

Getting started with javascript is quite the leap. After getting comfortable with HTML, CSS, and SASS, what’s the next thing which will challenge me? I got my answer, it was javascript. …

Photo by Fabian Grohs on Unsplash

Out of McMaster University with an Honours Biology Degree under my belt, I was ready to face the world. Had the love for science and tech, so why not put them together? I didn’t have too much coding experience, just an undergraduate thesis on Computational Biology; finding special areas in…

Vigyan Kayastha

Front-End Dev

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