Having The Devdas Themed Wedding

The idea of Devdas theme wedding has created a revolution after the famous Hindi film which depicted pomp and grandeur on a different level. In fact, the film has inspired people in different ways and people have followed the style of dresses that the actresses had worn the hair styles and several other things that have impressed them in more ways than one. However, when you read about Bengali Matrimony following such wedding styles, it comes as a surprise as more people have started exceeding their budgets in a bid to make weddings more stylish by following the lines of a cult film that created history due to its depiction of style and culture.

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The following points highlight the theme of wedding that follows the theme of the film Devdas.

· Opportunity for wedding planners: This film has made a way for the wedding planners to create the style of mandap similar to the film. For creating an impression and establishing a unique style, you can ask your wedding planner to create the mandap just like the film or create something that blends some of the aspects present in the film along with the present day style.

· Combination of different styles: When it comes to visual appeal, following the Devdas theme makes real sense. People want to include different styles and themes in the present day weddings and reiterating these themes that contain the style of the weddings that represented the weddings that were held in the ancient days.

· Carrying the bride in a palki: Ideally, the film Devdas emulated the ancient culture and tradition such as carrying the bride in a palki or the palanquin that represents the convention of the olden days. However, the style of the palki has changed with the passage of time as it was depicted in the film.

· Apparel of the bride and the groom: Although there was not much to follow when it comes to the ensemble of the groom in Devdas, the saris worn by the actresses were typically like the Bengalis when it comes to the fabric and the rest was designed by some of the top women designers that created a style which people will remember for ages. There are certain films that create history for different reasons and Devdas is one of them. The change of apparel took place so many times that it can be hard to compete with the pace of the film when it comes to creating a blend of the ancient and the modern.

· Arranging weddings in banquets: Some people have started arranging such weddings in banquets that are similar in size just like the large halls in the film.

· Jewelry: Bengali weddings are incomplete without gold jewelry but the variations of jewelry in this film represented a different culture and Bengali Matrimony has embarked on a different path. The style of jewelry in this film is one of the reasons for which people have emulated this theme in large numbers.

With new themes and styles, Bengali weddings have changed with the passage of time. The idea of theme weddings has evolved a new culture which is closely followed in weddings to make them memorable.