How To Save Money After A Bengali Wedding?

Arranging a successful wedding is all about spending money and the more you indulge, the greater are the opportunities to make the wedding occasion grand. While Bengali people love to spend beyond their budget in the wedding, it creates a huge impact on the savings. It is true that there is no dearth of opportunities when the husband and the wife want to spend money during the wedding, it is good to take care of the savings later to bring the finances under control. However, a similar thing applies to the parents of the bride and the groom for spending incessantly on the occasion of the wedding of their children. Following a less indulgent path allows you save money after a wedding.


Checking the goals: Bengali marriage is an elaborate affair that continues for three to four days. Not only is it an occasion to spend money on apparel and jewelry but food is one of those areas which is extremely demanding in Bengali weddings which takes out more than half of the savings of your lifetime. Moreover, Bengali people love to hear appreciation about the food which is served in weddings. As soon as the wedding is over, you have to prepare a separate list of goals than the one that you had previously. However, this one must focus on the savings.

Opening joint account: This is another of the things that remain in the list of priorities after the marriage. A good option is deposit small amounts of money every month in this account and when it becomes large, you can always covert it into a fixed deposit which provides boost to your savings.

Ways to save: When it comes to Bengali Matrimony, there are countless occasions which will force you to spend money even though you might not want it to happen. For instance, guests keep pouring in even after the wedding to meet the newly-wed bride. While it is not possible to avoid spending money on these occasions, it is necessary to stop the habit of splurging in other occasions.

Designing and tracking budget: You have to design a new budget and track it properly to ensure whether it is followed properly or not. Review the budget time again to make the corrections that are necessary and save as much as possible after the wedding.

Stay out of debt: If you have secured a loan for marriage, you have to try to pay it off as soon as possible. Do not resort to another loan amount to stay out of the present debt.

Emergency fund: For Bengali Matrimony, it is good to have a backup or an emergency fund right from the time of wedding. It is one of the best options to cover the inadequacies that might occur after the marriage.

You will hardly have the opportunity to save money after a Bengali wedding but following an effective budget will allow you overcome the financial challenges that are likely to occur after the completion of wedding. However, you have to apply your thoughts and prepare a list of priorities that are to be fulfilled after marriage and the things you can avoid.

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