Importance Given to Kundali Matching in Bengali Weddings

Apparently, kundali matching is not a cakewalk or a simple thing as it seems to be. It’s much more than what seems to be some random figurative calculations. The reasons, directives and social impact are very crucial. Just like in all domains of Vedic rituals and traditions, kundalis hold a special significance in Bengali Matrimony. The current format of match-making through gunas and kundlis is not something you could depend upon. Hindus believe that planets rule our world and it’s this innate belied and the related credence attached to planets that impact or govern the life of an individual.

Yes, in a traditional setting, most Bengali families place a lot of importance to kundali matching. However, you need to understand the essence of Karmanaye Vadhikaraste Ma Faleshu Kadachena, which means that matching horoscopes make an individual apprehensive and biased even before he/she has done the karma.
  1. Knowing the fundamentals: Bengalis are by nature, conservative and regional. Howsoever modernized and ultra-liberal many of them might appear to be, when it comes to marriages, most ensure that conjugal life is safe and who doesn’t so? You need to understand the psyche of Bengalis in this regard. Although the cradle of many religious movements, the culture has lost most of the sheen due to many reasons. What you see is a God-fearing attitude in kundali matching other than God-believing credence. Most do it as a safety measure.
  2. A blissful environment at home after the matching: Society responds to and reacts wonderfully when the kundlis match and gunas sync. Elders think that the couple is now destined to be blessed and happy. It’s a positive thing because they try to help them. Since the kundalis have matched, the Bengali families ensure that no table is left unturned to consummate the marriage in the best possible manner.
  3. Measuring compatibility: Bengalis are pretty independent people and both the man and woman would work after marriage. That’s the normal norm in the culture. The elders and everyone give that additional importance to kundali and guna matching in Bengali Matrimony because it is said to help find your probable physical and mental compatibility. When you both off for work, quality time goes for a toss out of the window. Hence, the matching. People consider it important since it throws light on the traits and characteristics of both prospective couples and life-partners.
  4. The financial prospects: This is one field where everyone seems to go overboard and walk the extra mile. The financial future of a married like is certainly one of the most pivotal things that you need to know before tying the knot. Bengalis regard kundalis as an accurate medium of telling the financial prospects of a life post marriage. They implore the soon-to-be wed couple not to take this part lightly.

The context of match made in heaven is another point. It has been the quintessential favorite of all. Marriage is considered to be holy institution in Indian society. Bengalis too believe that a marriage transcends beyond one lifetime and continues for the next seven lives. A kundali matching is thus regard as pivotal.

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