Impress her Family by looking your very best on your Bengali Wedding Day

Bengali weddings are full of rich cultures and traditions. The wedding continues for many days and each ritual has its own significance in the community. Wedding is the perfect time for a groom to develop a bond with the bride’s family and win them over by closely following the Bengali culture and grooming as per the tradition.

An Insight into Bengali weddings

Bengali weddings follow a distinctive style and therefore, people are always curious about the Bengali cultures and traditions. For the bride and groom, the wedding is a big royal affair with many ceremonies that can be broadly divided into pre-wedding rituals, wedding rituals and post-wedding rituals. The weddings begin with a ceremony called AiburoBhaat and end with the Oshtomongola rituals. Now-a-days, Bengalis are also innovating with new trends like sangeet ceremonies, dinner parties and even a bachelors for the groom.

The Bengali Groom

Just like all over India, this transition of the groom’s involvement on the wedding day has seen a paradigm shift in Bengali weddings as well. Earlier, the Bengali groom was known to be the smart guy, the extra intelligent one who was simple and elegant on his big day but never made any extra efforts to look extravagant. Today, Bengali Matrimonials include a lot of dressing up from the groom’s side as well. The groom takes appointments with hair stylists, does some make-up, hits the gym a few months before and even starts taking special care of his skin to look exceptional.

If you are a Bengali groom getting married soon, here are a few tips that will help you look your best and impress your bride’s family to let them know that they have surely chosen prince charming for their beloved daughter:

· The Wedding Attire:

Your wedding attire must be highly traditional and exquisite, with a touch of personality and charm that will make you the centre of attraction. Conventionally, the groom in Bengali weddings wears a silk dhoti along with a Punjabi. You can choose to wear a cotton or a silk dhoti, depending on your personal taste. However, ensure that the material suits your body type and enhances your look. You can buy a silk Punjabi with heavy embroidery to stand out from everyone else. You must also carry a topor on your head as part of the wedding attire for your Bengali wedding ceremonies. The topor is a shaol paper conical hat that is considered auspicious as per Bengali Matrimonials. During the ceremony, the groom also drapes a silk cloth around his body (this is called a jor). This cloth is tied to the bride’s aanchal while performing the main wedding ritual.

In the earlier days, the dhoti was usually white. However, now Bengali grooms are embracing a modern twist with tradition and therefore, they are open to colours as well on their big day. The popular favourites amongst Bengali grooms include sandalwood, maroon, bronze or deep red coloured dhotis. Some grooms even like to wear a colour that complements the bride’s outfit in order to look like a made for each other couple. This extra thought in your attire will send the bride’s family over the moon when they look at you!

· Accessories:

The traditional attire on the big day can be completed with valuable jewellery. The Bengali groom can wear chains and rings of gold on the wedding day to look majestic and impress the family with his royal elegance.

· Hair Care:

When you are trying to impress the bride’s family, your hair speak a lot more than words. Though you don’t have to worry about big long hair like your better half, you still need to ensure your hair looks clean and smart. Get a hair stylist to cut your hair at the right length a week or two in advance. Take a trial hair cut two months before so that you don’t end up looking strange on your big day. You will be wearing topor for the ceremony so your hair might get covered during the rituals but at other times, people will definitely notice your hair so make sure they look their very best. You can also get a hair spa 3–4 days before to make your hair look smart and clean.

Grooming is one of the most important part of dressing up for the groom. Ensure that you are well-dressed and well-groomed if you want to impress your in-laws and make your bride fall in love with you immensely on your big day!

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