The Bengali Couple Tips After Marriage

After all the fun and fervor that takes place during the occasion of the wedding, it is time to begin a new life and you have to survive the test of time. Not only is it the matter of adjustment between the couples but the entire family as well. When it comes to Bengali Matrimony, there are several things that are expected from the bride and the groom and they must try to cater to the sentiments of the elders. However, it is personal communication that plays an important role for the couples to begin life with new efforts. The things that you do after marriage creates a strong foundation for the rest of the life and help you move ahead without much effort.


Communication and money: One of the most important tips for the couple to remember after marriage is the way to spend money. Until Now, you have thought that it is your earning but after the tying the knot, you share the money together and spend it wisely. Communication is another aspect which has a major role to play in the lives of couples after marriage. Proper communication dispels the misunderstandings between the couples and is the gateway to a successful married life.

Unity and honest: You must have heard about the maxims of life but they are applicable in your married life as well. While the husband and the wife have to play the societal roles that are part of Bengali Matrimony, it is necessary to have united opinions between themselves and both of them must follow the principles of honesty. In short, both of them must have fair dealings to hold the heads high in front of the other family members.

Adjustment in meals: Although the food habits of the Bengalis are common, there are differences in the style of cooking and Bengali brides have to adjust to that after the wedding. In fact, brides are expected to learn the style of cooking in traditional Bengali households.

Patience and challenge: The bride and the groom have to withstand a lot of challenges after the wedding and have to cope with unexpected events. For instance, the husband may lose job suddenly and the wife has to hold on to her smile no matter what the situation may turn out to be. Some of the relatives in the family have the habit of criticizing the newly-wed and it has become a phenomenon over the years. However, the husband must never react to such situations or have antagonistic feelings towards the family members and the wife has to remain patient throughout the situation.

Learning experience: At times, the bride and the groom might just feel that they are married to the right person but it is only normal and may not last for long. However, the couples must never pay attention to such feelings and try to discuss things to resolve the issues that create resentment.

These tips will surely help you overcome the challenges of married life. However, it is not enough to follow them rather you have to possess the belief that it is necessary to keep the marriage intact despite the incidents that often come in the way of it and it is the secret to stay happy forever.

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