The Importance Of Aai Buddo Bhaat

Any traditional Bengali matrimonial is bound to follow several steps as the events unfold leading to the D-day of the wedding. Each of the steps have religious as well as social significance that are meant to bring upon good luck and augur prosperity for the married life of the couple. There are plenty of colors, loads of fun, savory food that all accompany at every step leading to the culmination of the matrimony.


The deep sociological significance

There is the distinct tradition called the Aai Buddo Bhaat that is celebrated at the bride’s house on the previous day of the marriage that can be seen equivalent to the girl’s bachelor party that is celebrated in the West. However, for the Bengali marriage, the celebrations are more sober, and the significance is more sociological than anything else though there is plenty of fun involved.

· The Aai Budo Bhaat is the last meal that the bride-to-be has in her parent’s home as an Aai Budo or a young girl of marriageable age.

· It is the day when her favorite dishes are cooked and served to her for lunch which she partakes after taking the daily bath.

· There are also plenty of immediate friends and family members that are present to celebrate the occasion with her, and there are plenty of jokes that the aunts crack and share their experiences and tell stories of how life used to be then.

· All this helps the bride-to-be to assimilate well all that is awaiting her in her new life as the wife of the man waiting to marry her the next day.

· With the celebration of this luncheon, there is also the formal acceptance that the bride-to-be gives for the marriage which was significant earlier as all marriages were decided upon by the elders with the bride and the groom not knowing each other.

· Another deep social aspect of the event is that the bride now formally starts preparing her mind to leave the house of her parents for life as a symbol of which she part takes the last meal as an Aai Budo. After marriage, she will only come as a guest in her parent’s house where she will have no right on the meals as she used to as a daughter.

· There is also the community aspect that is attached to the event where the friends of the bride also get together to celebrate the last day when she was one among them sharing the joys and sorrows of life with the neighbors. After marriage, she will be part of the community and the neighborhood where she will settle in her in-law’s place.

Though there are theme based party-like arrangements of the modern Aai Budo Bhat of the Bengali matrimonial where the girls gang indulge in games and competitions, the basic spirit remains the same that of the day of celebration of her last day as an Aai Budo who will have no more time for such fun and frolic once she is married and given the responsibility of her new home with new people.